Contract Geologist

Contract Geologist

Length 2-3 Months

Our client is looking for a Geologist for a 2-3 month contract.  


  • Oversee the coordination of the activities of mining, drilling, sampling, testing of crude clay
  • Interpret core data, develop and report mine plans, and calculate strategic reserves
  • Essential Functions Develop and maintain a documented exploration program to acquire an approved attapulgite 20-year reserve base with continual maintenance of a 20-year supply of crude attapulgite
  • Submit an annual exploration and reclamation budget with a continually maintained accurate cash flow of relevant expenditures
  • Work with attapulgite Operations Manager and Plant Accountant to help plan the annual mining budget for the relevant division
  • Represent the company in negotiating and acquiring real property and minerals leases


  • Job Requirements and Skill Sets Bachelor’s degree in Geology or related field
  • Minimum of five (5) years of related work experience
  • Proficiency with project management tools and software packages (i.e
  • Microsoft Office programs)
  • Have or acquire a PG (Professional Geologist) license from an ASBOG (National Association of State Boards of Geology) certified state
  • Ability to operate well in fast-paced, collaborative environment

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