Equipment Operator

Operator/Laborer Job Description

Fulfill necessary daily operations as assigned by foreman and superintendent. Responsible for activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of the job site.

Daily Work Activities

• Be on time and work all scheduled shifts

• Be responsible for personal safety

• Follow all safety rules of GTech, General Contractor, and customers and clients

• Maintain maintenance and appearance of all equipment by checking the following daily:

• Oil, fuel, lubricants, loose pins, links, bolts, fittings, tires, leaks, antifreeze, seat belts, cab cleanliness, windows,

• Wear appropriate safety equipment

• If machine is turbo charged, MUST let idle for a minimum of 5 minutes before shutting off

• Obtain work scope and necessary production quantities for the day

• Review plans/blueprints with foreman and/or superintendent. Know and maintain proposed grades

• Adhere to all fuel procedures

• Complete all necessary sections of timesheet, making sure to identify any problems with equipment

• Use legible handwriting when completing time sheet. Turn into foreman supervisor for approval and signature before time sheet leaves project

• Ensure hour meter and units are correct on time sheet

• Keep equipment tracks and rollers free of dirt and obstructions

• Follow up with appropriate supervisor regarding bad weather

• Exhibit professional and appropriate behavior

• Observe job site cleanliness and trash. Trash barrels will be available and present on site.

• Follow dress code standards

• Be aware of surroundings and potential hazards

• Responsible for maintaining all company tools, stakes, and inventory

• All other duties as assigned

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