Quarry Grounds crew

Full job description

What we are looking for:

Looking for the right candidates to join the Luck Family and the amazing growth opportunities we have coming up. Candidate will possess some or all of these:

  • Mining experience (preferably 1+ years)
  • Experience operating plants in the mining industry (Gold, Coal, Sand, Concrete, Aggregates, etc.)
  • Experience performing maintenance on plants: Changing screens, greasing bearings, welding skirts, rebuilding crushers.
  • Mechanically inclined: using hand tools, welding, repair, technical trades.
  • Experience working in outside conditions and being exposed to climate (Rain, sun, heat, cold, all seasons)
  • Open to change
  • Self- motivated
  • Strong work ethic
  • Safety awareness and priority
  • Reliable
  • Passionate about the construction/ mining industry

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