Turner Staffing Group and Firmatek Spearhead Innovation in Utility Infrastructure Inspection through Strategic RPO Partnership

Drone Pilot at Turner Staffing Group and Firmatek

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Turner Staffing Group, a leading force in recruitment process outsourcing solutions, proudly announces a pivotal partnership with Firmatek, renowned for cutting-edge field services and innovative mapping and data processing technologies spanning multiple industries. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in Firmatek’s utility infrastructure inspection across the United States by streamlining the recruitment of highly skilled drone pilots.

“Our decision to partner with Firmatek stemmed from the recognition of the critical role drone technology plays in utility infrastructure inspection,” stated Shaun Marion, Director of Recruiting at Turner Staffing Group. “Aligning with Firmatek not only enhances our ability to serve clients across various industries but also demonstrates our commitment to driving innovation in recruitment practices.”

This partnership showcases Turner Staffing Group’s continued saturation in the civil/infrastructure industry, emphasizing Turner’s dedication to fostering committed partnerships. Additionally, it underscores a commitment to expanding into new niches within the civil space, providing clients and candidates with unparalleled support.

The strategic alliance between Turner Staffing Group and Firmatek holds immense potential for both organizations in the long term. For Turner Staffing Group, this partnership extends its reach into new technological frontiers, allowing for diversified service offerings tailored to Firmatek’s specialized needs. Simultaneously, Firmatek gains access to Turner Staffing Group’s extensive talent pool and recruitment expertise, ensuring the acquisition of top-tier candidates for critical roles.

“We anticipate streamlined recruitment processes that expedite candidate selection while maintaining the highest standards of talent,” remarked Thomas Haun, President of Turner Staffing Group. “This partnership positions both Turner Staffing Group and Firmatek for sustained growth and innovation, reinforcing our commitment to delivering unparalleled services to our clients.”

Turner Staffing Group’s RPO solution for Firmatek is designed to optimize the recruitment process, from initial candidate sourcing to final selection. By leveraging advanced recruitment methodologies and industry insights, Turner Staffing Group ensures the delivery of highly qualified talent that meets Firmatek’s stringent requirements.

“We’re taking over the front-end of the recruiting process for Firmatek,” Shaun Marion explains, “which includes applicant tracking systems utilization, job postings to major career sites, sourcing, and screening. This streamlines their workload, particularly when facing multiple openings, allowing them to focus solely on interviewing talent that has made it through the initial filtering process.”

To prospective candidates interested in joining Firmatek through this recruitment initiative, Shaun Marion adds, “Firmatek fosters a team-first culture where individuals have the opportunity to expand their professional skills and grow from within. Joining Firmatek offers a career path in an industry poised for exponential growth.”

Interested candidates are encouraged to explore career opportunities through Turner Staffing Group’s job board.


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