Sure, people want to make a good living, but more than that— they want to build a better life.

Our purpose every day—backing every decision—is to provide those opportunities.

We do this through real work centered in values that we believe define a better life.

Our values drive everything we do.

Construction workers standing in front of large excavator


We have a heart for people. We create community, compiling knowledge, resources, and skills to connect our people to shared opportunity. It all starts with people—connection is the core of what we build.

Group of construction workers in front of equipment line-up


We have an eye for safety. We go to extremes to establish trust. We understand safety is not only about ourselves, but everyone around us. Looking out, looking ahead, we all protect our community.

Group of construction workers looking at earthwork


We have a mind for innovation. We pursue better ways to get the job done. We never accept the status quo. We face challenges head on, advancing personal goals and professional development.

A surveyor at a construction site


We have an attitude for excellence. We set the bar high, driven by our commitment to achieving exceptional results. We strive to exceed expectations and make a meaningful difference in everything we do.

Work for Turner Staffing Group

Turner Staffing Group creates room for personal and professional growth. You’ll have the chance to work in a variety of roles, meet new people and be an important piece of the Turner community.


Let's talk about support.

We won’t leave you hanging. We provide onboarding and new hire assistance just like you are a full-time Turner employee. Did we mention benefits? We’ve got you covered there too.


Build your network.

Work with top firms across the United States. Being a Turner Staffing Group employee means you get the experience you want with a broad network of opportunity, alongside a great team of people.


Coast to coast reach.

Want to move across the country? We can make that happen. Want to stay close to home? We've got you covered. Whether you’d like us to support your travel dreams or local living, we match talent to opportunity no matter the location.

Construction worker standing on the deck of a construction truck

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Health Insurance

We offer options for medical, dental and vision insurance – some with 100% employer contribution.


We offer a 401k plan with a company match of 3% of your contribution.

Per Diem

We provide per diem to support our traveling employees for specific projects.

Life Insurance

We automatically enroll you in a $15,000 life insurance policy.

Looking for talent?

We specialize in connecting industry-leading companies with top-tier talent. Streamline your recruitment process, access a pool of highly skilled professionals, and build a workforce that propels your company to success.