Civil Superintendent

Operations Superintendent

Manages Project Site Operations and Foremen

Reports to Project Manager

Project Management

  • Approve timecards for each shift and verify accuracy
  • Assemble field work orders (FWOs) and submit for client approval daily for the prior days work
  • Submit requisitions in accounting system for project purchases
  • Complete approvals in accounting system as needed
  • Execute survey plan created by Project Manager
  • Submit results to Project Manager
  • Assemble quantities/ FWOs and all other billable items each invoice period and submit to Project
    manager for pay app creation
  • Maintain positive working relationship with client’s onsite management
  • Work with Project Manager to stay informed on client requests, communications, and changes
  • Ensure all site activities are productive and safe
  • Accompany all site guests during visits/ inspections
  • Ensure site conditions promote safety, efficiency, and minimize equipment damage/ wear
  • Communicate equipment issues/ needs to Equipment Superintendent
  • Communicate materials/ supply needs to Project Manager

Safety Leadership

  • Invest in site foremen and operators to foster “An Eye For Safety”
  • Mitigate onsite safety risks
  • Ensure all MSHA regulations are followed and maintain site safety conditions
  • Conduct monthly site safety meeting to discuss incidents, safety trends, behavior goals, etc
  • Ensure all workplace exams are complete and accurate
  • Task training is completed properly and stored
  • Pre-op issues are corrected, and forms are filed according to TMG process
  • All safety documents are filed and stored on site
  • Follow TMG process for incident response
  • Complete incident report in HCSS Safety
  • Complete incident analysis with foremen, complete 5 Why’s and RCA document, submit to Project

Personnel Management

  • Submit hiring requests/ termination requestions to HR following TMG process
  • Conduct interviews for all on-site employees.
  • Complete employee reviews using TMG form, submit for approval.
  • Evaluate foreman performance
  • Document employee issues/ disciplinary action, send to Project Manager and HR
  • Maintain full knowledge of employee handbook


Word, Excel, PowerPoint

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