Pipe Layer

Pipe Layer Laborer Position Overview

Key Responsibilities:

• Expertly install and maintain various piping systems, ensuring precision and efficiency in every task.

• Conduct thorough inspections of the work area and materials to preemptively identify and address potential issues.

• Accurately record hours worked and materials used, contributing to project efficiency and accountability.

• Support project needs through additional related duties as required.

Position Requirements:

• Proven experience in pipe laying or related field.

• Capability to maneuver and position heavy objects with precision on the job site.

• Valid driver’s license

• Foundational knowledge of different soil types and their impact on pipe laying.

• Eagerness to acquire new skills such as reading construction stakes, understanding plans, and basic construction surveying.

• Commitment to safety standards in all job functions.

• Effective communication skills, ensuring clear and concise verbal and written reports.

• Flexibility in scheduling, especially during peak construction periods.

• Strong work ethic and reliability, demonstrating a commitment to the project and team.

• This role is ideal for a dedicated individual looking to advance their career in a dynamic, supportive environment while contributing to important construction projects.

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