Turner Mining Group Launches New Standalone Recruiting and Staffing Business

Turner Staffing Group

BLOOMINGTON, IN – With a proven track record of recruiting some of the industry’s top talent, Turner Mining Group has launched a new standalone recruiting and staffing business to the market, Turner Staffing Group. This new organization is an evolution of Turner Mining Group’s core — recruiting, training, and building dynamic teams made up of the industry’s best and brightest. Turner Staffing Group exists to make life better for the mining industry, by solving the industry’s greatest challenge, connecting skilled professionals with the top aggregate, mineral, and metal producers across the United States.

Growing workforce challenges have become a central theme for our industry, a result of labor constraints that demand a new approach. Hiring and retaining the industry’s top talent of skilled workers can no longer be accomplished through traditional methods. Now, with a mission to attract, develop, and engage a motivated workforce, Turner Staffing Group is built to bridge the gap.

Keaton Turner, President & CEO of Turner Mining Group elaborates on the new company adding, “We owe every ounce of early success at Turner Mining Group to our people, the engine that continues to drive our growth. No one understands that deeper or believes it more than Thomas Haun. As our COO since 2018, Thomas has played a critical role in the way we developed industry-leading processes for recruiting, training, and retaining some of the top mining talent in the United States. Through Turner Staffing Group, we expand the impact of our mission, leveraging our experience to offer a solution to an industry-wide problem.”

It is no secret that quality people are the first ingredient to a safe and efficient operation. With forecasted growing demand across the US mining sector, talent is critical for minerals and metals producers to keep up over the coming years. Turner Staffing Group offers a fresh, unique approach as an industry resource to attract, train and properly assign its employees through tailored staffing solutions.

Thomas Haun, President of Turner Staffing Group adds, “How does our industry get and keep more people? That’s the driving force behind every decision we make at Turner Staffing Group. This industry needs a people rebuild. Right now, we’re recycling old habits from company to company. We must break that cycle. Turner Staffing Group is in the perfect position to do something different, something our industry hasn’t seen yet. Our people, our culture, your site – that’s how we connect new talent to opportunities.”

Turner Staffing Group provides streamlined staffing solutions, connecting skilled talent on-demand, reducing client overhead and mitigating risk. Thoughtfully built upon Turner Mining Group’s trusted approach, Turner Staffing Group understands industry needs and knows what it takes to staff sites successfully. Turner Staffing Group delivers a new solution to an industry wide challenge — pairing quality people to high-demand opportunities. As a nationwide firm, Turner Staffing Group has the resources to fill a single role or every open position across multiple operations.

About Turner Staffing Group

Turner Staffing Group exists to attract, develop, and connect dynamic people to opportunities across the United States. People are the driving force behind everything we do. Backed by experience and our partners at Turner Mining Group, we connect skilled professionals with employment needs across our industry.

We recruit, onboard, train and advance the teams our clients need for lasting growth — it’s our sole purpose. Turner Staffing Group is an evolution stemming from the work Turner Mining Group has done for years. Now, with a laser focus on solving our industry’s labor need, we hire for culture, train for growth and don’t let good talent go to waste.


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Turner Staffing Group exists to attract, develop, and connect dynamic people to opportunity across the United States in the mining, heavy civil, and AEC industries.

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