Turner Staffing Group Announces Strategic Partnership with Aqualine Utility to Streamline Recruitment in the Heavy Civil Industry

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MASSACHUSETTS – Turner Staffing Group, a leading provider of workforce solutions serving mining, construction, engineering, and heavy civil industries, is proud to announce its new partnership with Aqualine Utility, a premier expert in complex utility, pump station, and site work projects. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Turner Staffing Group’s commitment to delivering innovative recruitment solutions tailored to the unique needs of its clients in the heavy civil sector.

In response to Aqualine’s specific recruitment needs, Turner Staffing Group will deploy a tailored RPO solution, representing a hybrid model of contract recruiting and retained search. This innovative approach is uniquely designed to address the traditional challenges faced in the heavy civil industry, from cost pressures to safety concerns, aiming to revolutionize recruitment practices that support the growth and success of client partners amidst significant demographic shifts.

As part of the partnership, Turner Staffing Group will manage all aspects of candidate sourcing, screening, and selection, internally integrated for every Aqualine candidate. This ensures a seamless and streamlined hiring process, delivering top talent to support Aqualine’s business needs.

“Our partnership with Aqualine Utility exemplifies our commitment to providing customized talent solutions that address the specific needs of our clients,” said Shaun Marion, Director of Recruiting at Turner Staffing Group. “By leveraging our expertise in RPO and tailoring our approach to fit Aqualine’s requirements, we are empowering them to build a high-performing team capable of driving success for their growth aspirations.”

Turner Staffing Group is North America’s trusted talent partner supporting the needs of enterprises in mining, construction, engineering, heavy civil and more. We exist to attract, develop, and connect great people with amazing opportunities. For more information about Turner Staffing Group and its comprehensive workforce solutions, visit turnerstaffing.com.


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